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Casandra Venez Davis

Casandra always pours her heart into what God has chosen her to do. She feels that It's a blessing to be a vessel God uses to usher His people into a deeper level of worship. Casandra has traveled to Samoa, Fiji and Hawaii to minister with a musical group "Chosen Generation". As God continues to use her, she welcomes the opportunity to teach, train and share the worship core values with other beginning teams and leaders.

When it comes to coaching to discover your purpose, unveil your passion, or create focus strategies, Casandra operates within her lane. Her coaching style is unique and her goal is for you to "fire her", meaning, you are miles ahead from where you were.   You can find many of her inspirational and motivational snippets on her facebook page.  If you need a word of encouragement or a good laugh, you can connect with her.


Casandra has a passion to see others learn how to release stress to be emotionally healthy in life.  She has released her first book entitled, Girlfriend, Your House is a Mess, which was released in the Fall of 2014.  This book is very insightful and quite an eye opener for women who desire to be free from past, present and future issues that could cause a chaotic environment and life.

Casandra's true passion and calling is being a Worship Leader. Her God given gift has opened doors to minister at churches, conferences and intimate group settings. She has been instrumental  in assisting new ministries with the development and training of new worship teams. She desires to see His people engaged in spirit filled worship, where the anointed brings deliverance and healing to all.

There is a hidden talent that seems to appear periodically, especially when dining at a restaurant.  Casandra has a distinctive palate that allows her to be a food critic without having the training.  One restaurant called her in to test the wing batter, because she had written an email to inform the manager of the taste.  The manager valued her opinion and was thankful.  The end result was that the wing mixture was prepared with twice the salt which could have been devastating for a person with high blood pressure.  As a token of his appreciation, he made lunch accommodations for her to dine at his cost.  She continues to make recommendations to restaurants as she feels it’s important to make sure everyone has a great dining experience - including herself. This is special talent that she enjoys. To some, she may appear picky, but the quality of taste is quite important.  If you want to know what taste good - just ask her!

Casandra’s journey has been both rewarding and challenging, and she continues to do what she does best with the hopes of inspiring one person at a time.

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"Life is a gift and we must all learn to enjoy each day.  We can’t continue to sweat the small things in life because we would be stressing all the time.  We have to learn to save the concerns for the big issues.  As she says, life is a gift and we must learn to not take that for granted".

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