Clear Perspective Life Coaching

"Where Vision and Passion Meet to Inspire Success"

Venez Davis
Empowerment, Purpose & Passion Coach

Everyone should have a Certified Life Coach on hand.  In life, we cross many paths as well as twists and turns that can get us off track.  Many times we are unable to bounce back after a life alteration, event or just feeling blah. There are times when we may need to be empowered to move forward, and a guidance to assist with identifying our true passions in life.  


What is a Certified Life Coach?

A person who has completed coursework and received a certification in a specific area of coaching, and is fully qualified to engage in services to assist others.  A Coach may specialize in a variety of niches and can assist you in your life.

How Can a Certified Life Coach Help Me?

A Certified Life Coach will assist you in identifying reasons why you are feeling stuck, and help you find the answers so you can move forward in many areas of your life. A Certified Life Coach will assist you with deep thought processing to help manage emotional issues, stress, complete projects, overcome complacency, and make better choices for a happier and fulfilled life.   No issue is too small to obtain the services of a life coach.  The primary focus of a Certified Life Coach is you; the Client. 

Why should I connect with a Life Coach?


  • If you are you feeling stuck in life, or feel as though you can't move forward.  

  • Unable to enjoy life or move on after a divorce or relationship break-up. 

  • If you are dealing with toxic relationships, unforgiveness, and stress.

  • You find it difficult to organize, start, or finish projects, tasks, or assignments.

  • If you have challenges trying to manage work-life balance.

  • If you feel like you need to push the "restart button" to stay committed to and reaching your goals.

  • If you need to identify your passion in life.

  • If you desire to work on self-esteem, confidence-building to gain more control of your life.

While those are just a few reasons; that is not all.  Everyone has a specific need based on what's going on in their lives. It's important to remember that a life coach is not a licensed therapist.  However, a Life Coach can determine if traditional therapy would be more beneficial for a client. The client can still receive coaching services while seeing a therapist. 

Let's begin a journey of emotional healthiness, contact me or schedule an appointment today!